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I am a University of British Columbia (UBC) Certified Coach, as well as a faculty member in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology & Special Education at UBC.  I have held many leadership roles in my career and enjoy working with people at all levels.

My experience includes coaching individuals and teams on a variety of topics including change management, leadership development, goal setting (career and life goals), conflict resolution as well as, motivation and improving follow-through for long term results. My coaching style focuses on helping you leverage your strengths to find solutions that move you towards your personal and professional goals (and often to heights you never imagined you could reach).

A Bit About You



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You are someone who has it "together" but are looking for some individual coaching to help move you to the next level with a possible opportunity or current issue. Examples of the things you might be grappling with are:  career or life goals, a difficult situation or conflict, making an important life choice, or long-term motivation, procrastination and accountability.

You are motivated to work with someone outside of your personal and professional sphere that will provide a totally safe and confidential space to learn and grow.  You are willing to try new things and would prefer to focus on your strengths as you move towards your goals.  Let's meet to see if we are match — contact me to set-up a free 30-minute consultation  (held via Zoom or phone).

"Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have." - Norman Vincent Peale

Some questions that Shawna can help you to answer:



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  • I'm struggling with a big decision; how do I know what is the “right” thing to do?

  • I want to make a career change, where do I start? 

  • What can I do to get out of my own way and achieve my goals?

  • I start something with great intentions and then lose my motivation, how do I stop this cycle?

  • Someone in my life is difficult to deal with, what are some strategies to help me deal with this?

  • How do I lead more effectively at work? Or, how do I transition into a leadership role?





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"Shawna is clearly passionate about coaching and committed to helping people achieve their goals. She listens deeply and offers insights and questions that push me to reframe challenges and identify achievable next steps. I am a coach in training, and Shawna has been very supportive as I start on the path to making a career change. I really appreciate how accepting and direct Shawna is in her approach to coaching."

- Helen R.

"I really enjoyed Shawna’s approach. I was working with her through a very vulnerable time, and although we had never met previously and although connecting through a virtual medium can be sometimes impersonal I felt a lot of trust toward her from the start. She was able to cultivate a very supportive and positive environment."

- Kristen B.

"Through her keen listening skills, Shawna is able to draw out moments of clarity to find the wisdom within myself to answer critical questions I am having at any given time. Shawna has the effective skills to make me implement changes while feeling empowered doing so!"

- Valerie R.

“I could tell that Shawna enjoys what she does and really wants to help. Shawna coaches in a way in which she doesn’t tell me what to do but instead guides me in the direction of figuring out what I want to do.”

- Zoe K.

“I am an organizational coaching convert thanks to Shawna Faber! Shawna worked with my Senior Management Team to develop a charter that guides internal communications for the BC Highway Patrol. This charter has been critical to improving how we lead our program and communicate our efforts to make our highways safer together. My team have told me that Shawna’s ability to organize and lead key discussions allowed them to identify where we could do better, how to chart a course to make these improvements a reality, and put us on the path to reach our true potential.

Shawna also provided me with individual coaching sessions in which she facilitated discussions which required me to focus on aspects of leadership that I knew could be enhanced, but never seemed to have time to get to. Just like my team, it was Shawna’s thoughtful and probing questions which challenged me to examine my leadership, find ways to improve, and develop a plan to make it happen! I believe that not only has Shawna helped me to be a better leader, but she has also provided me with skills to apply this to other areas so I can continue to enhance my ability to lead the BC Highway Patrol more effectively. If you are thinking that organizational coaching would allow you to do better and reach your potential, I would highly recommend Shawna!”


- Chief Superintendent Holly Turton

- Officer in Charge – BC Highway Patrol

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